Twisted Hemp

Launched in 2016, Twisted Hemp is P&L’s flagship product. Twisted Hemp is sold in 50 states and 10 countries all over the world. Twisted Hemp is the industry leader in the hemp wrap segment. While initially just offering hemp wraps,  the Twisted Hemp brand has evolved to include ready-to-smoke CBD/CBG hemp cigarillos, bulk and retail hemp cones, terpene infused filter tips, and mini palm rolls.

Our brand is designed and geared to fit into both independent and the chain segment providing a non-tobacco, non-nicotine option all while providing industry leading OTP (Other Tobacco Product) margins. At P&L, we continue to ensure that Twisted Hemp products are 100% compliant and federally legal.

The Lineup

Twisted Hemp 4 for $0.99 - available in 8 flavors

Twisted Hemp Designer Series – 2 pack with 2 paper tips - available in 4 flavors

Fully Twisted CBD/CBG Cigarillos - available in 5 flavors, each includes a premium reusable glass tip made in the USA.

Twisted Hemp Bulk Cones - available in 8 flavors

Twisted Hemp Retail Cones 2 for $0.99 - available in 5 flavors

Twisted Tips - available in 6 flavors

Twisted Palm - available in 5 flavors

Cones Supply

Since 2017, Cones + Supply is one of the top providers of blank and custom bulk cones to the ever-growing smoking industry. We take great pride in our bulk cones and are happy to take on the challenge of all custom jobs both big and small.

At P&L, we truly stand behind our products 100% and guarantee all cones from defect and proper function in all filling equipment.

The Lineup

We offer cones with sizes ranging from 84mm - 109mm King Size and carry three types of paper:

  • Unbleached Natural Brown
  • Classic White
  • Bio-Organic Hemp

The closest product to natural leaf on the market but without tobacco and nicotine.

Coming in February 2022, an ambitious collaboration with Packwoods LA x Twisted Hemp brands. Available in 6 flavors, each Packwraps will include:

  • Reusable glass filter tip made in the USA
  • Storage tray and herb catcher
  • Pro Packer XL

The Lineup

Banana Cream

Gushin Grape

Juicy Mango


Strawberry Vanilla


Available in February 2022: “The Fastest Filling Machine on the Market”

The PodSystem is the future of cone filling equipment. With the ability to make 4,000 Cones per Hour, including sealing each cone with a crown, it is the fastest machine available in today’s market. 100% Designed In-House, the PodSystem will include a  1 year warranty and full tech support.