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Original Cones


The Pre-Rolled Cone Originator, first introduced on the market in 1994 in Europe soon became a household name. This paper changed rolling papers forever with its distinct conical shape and perfectly rolled tip.

Original Cones Classics are made from upmost translucent paper available on the market and have been made this way since 1994. A Brand Consumers around the world know and love.

The Natural Line of Original Cones is made from pure 100% Natural Unbleached paper and have become a favorite of Smokers around the world.  



Twisted Hemp Wraps


These Wraps are made from Hemp. This is a great product for people who want to change from a traditional tobacco wrap. Twisted Hemp Currently Comes in 6 Flavors: (These wraps are to be used with legal herbal smoking products only)

  • Grape Burst
  • Endless Summer
  • California Dream
  • Plain Jane
  • Sweet
  • Tropical Breeze


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